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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t have a suspension bike, can I still participate?

Yes! We anticipate many participants having less expensive ‘mountain’ bikes for the cycling portion, as well as suspension bikes for the advanced cyclists.

2.  Can I use my road bike with thin tires for the cycling portion?

We do NOT recommend using a ‘road’ bike with thin tires for the cycling. The course is all trail terrain and there will be roots, boardwalks, rocks, dirt and shale which require thicker tires suitable for that terrain.

3. Will you have water stations or refreshments?

Yes! If you check out our course maps on our websites, the Green dot represents the start/finish line, as well as the transition area. There will be a hydration station located there for athletes to get a quick drink of water or refill their hydration packs or reusable water bottles. Athletes will have an opportunity after each leg of the race, or after each loop of the cycling portion to access the water station. Post-race refreshments for athletes will also be available at that location.

4. Will participants be receiving a water bottle at registration?

No. Our organizers realize that many athletes already have camel packs, hydration packs, and various refillable water containers on them-selves already. In an effort to do better for our environment, we are asking athletes to bring their own refillable water containers and we will provide the water.

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